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      All We Got (Feat. Dimitri McDowell)

      All We Got (Feat. Dimitri McDowell)

      Andy Mineo

      Album: Never Land

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      Andy Mineo - All We Got (Feat. Dimitri McDowell) Música y Letra

      [Verse 1: Andy Mineo]
      Look, more of the same
      I'm cornered to gain
      Back and forth, forth and back
      With the name recording pain
      You played back, when them insecurities rang
      And I ain't even gotta answer, but the question remains
      Why everything inside of my brain not applied?
      It's insane, but yo I'm trying to change
      Decided to ditch my strength and rely on the King
      Mama said at the end of yourself is where it begin
      So, I'm totally free, embracing my limitations
      Wishing my heart moved at the same pace of this information
      I pray this ain't strange
      What I'm saying, but I'm trying
      To find a back door to your imagination
      I'm here, let me in to be clear
      I'm bringing something, make you wonder
      Who's the one that gave the gifts that I fear
      What happen next? I think about it, do you ever?
      I can give you an answer but a question do you better like
      [Hook: Dimitri McDowell]
      Have you ever loved
      The treasures of this world
      When it's insanity?
      Cause it's killing me
      Have you ever tried to be something you're not?
      Cause I've been searching for security
      Oh na na na
      His love is all we got
      [Verse 2: Andy Mineo]
      I'm trying to go from selfish to selfless
      Not just thinking bout my needs but someone else's
      All these pretty women in my city isn't helping
      No matter how hot that body, one day it's melting
      A good lie got a little truth in it
      So I'm trying to decide what's real and embellished
      The money coming in so everybody's good fellas
      I don't trust em, no phone numbers
      Tell em email us
      Can you tell? I've been affected by this industry
      Numbers and CD sales, what the heck has gotten into me?
      I had to ask myself, what's a win for me?
      Do I worship God or what other people think of me?
      Sobering thoughts depleting my hot air
      Thinking bout this world when I'm not here
      Will I treasure money or the moments that we share?
      It's funny how seeing death can make life so clear
      I got a girlfriend but so long it feels weird
      It's not like, "Yo can I get to know you?"
      More like, "Meet my parents."
      I think I'm scared cause it's serious and
      Every time I tell somebody they trying to marry us
      Pump the brakes
      I think I love her but them words ain't sit still
      Cause last time I did things didn't end well
      Plus plus my past was hashtag been trill
      It's time to grow up, you know what?
      I ain't trying to be another bum that's just scared of committing
      Take everything from these women and go miss it
      I gotta kill the wicked part of my heart that keeps pimping
      If I ain't got the strength
      Then I know where to get it
      You live different when you know you've been forgiven
      His love is forever, don't you ever forget it
      You live different when you know you've been forgiven
      His love is forever, don't you ever forget it
      Please speak your mind, I'm wide open
      Love you for you girl, let it be hard girl
      Lay it on the line, tell me are you precious
      I promise I won't judge you, try not to judge me

      Andy Mineo - All We Got (Feat. Dimitri McDowell) Música y Letra



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