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      Paisano's Wylin' (Feat. Marty Of Social Club)

      Paisano's Wylin' (Feat. Marty Of Social Club)

      Andy Mineo

      Album: Never Land

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      Andy Mineo - Paisano's Wylin' (Feat. Marty Of Social Club) Música y Letra

      [Intro: Andy Mineo]
      [Hook: Andy Mineo]
      Paisano's wylin
      Paisano's wylin
      Paisano's wylin
      Paisano's wylin
      Red wine on errthing
      Red wine on errthing
      Red wine on errthing
      Last call, it won't cost you anything
      I stay wylin
      I stay wylin
      I stay wylin
      Paisano's wylin
      [Verse 1: Andy Mineo]
      Say I won't rock Fubu, sucka
      I don't do what you do, sucka
      Waka Flocka Waka Waka
      Westside like I'm 2Pac-a
      Hdddddd like I'm Chewbacca
      (Star Wars, boy!)
      Hdddddd like I'm Chewbacca
      [Verse 2: Andy Mineo]
      Yo, I might just throw a Buddha round my necklace
      They think paisano's wylin, that boy reckless
      Cuz erryboy rockin Jesus pieces
      I'm just doin what y'all doin, wearing stuff I don't believe in
      You don't need skill for new rap
      Check the first verse
      You know I proved that
      Takin them selfies, girl why would you do that?
      You know it's whack, and I do not approve that
      I said rewind I don't mean where the booze at
      I'm talkin an offer you just can't refuse that
      On a swag boat, I'm the captain
      You can walk the plank for the yapping
      Hey yo, rappers carry my mother's groceries, dog
      Out of respeeeeect!
      [Verse 3: Marty]
      Thirty chains around my neck
      Mr. T and velour sweat
      I got em like what's next?
      I'm gonna be like an acappella
      Social Club be them good fellas
      Only good cause He met us
      I'm a big mess, and couldn't be better
      Annnnnh, whatever, whatever I'm wylin!
      Wylin, wylin, wylin
      It's the 116 and the Misfits, and we wylin
      Hey, yo, put my mom on the guest list
      I'm so awkward it's impressive
      Girl's like who the heck's this
      You're kinda weird, but I respect it
      I'm just young, Italian, and reckless, and we wylin!
      [Outro: Andy Mineo]
      Listen, under normal circumstances
      When someone's running their piehole
      Just give 'em a good smack to the face
      But I don't handle things the way I used to
      I am a Christian boy now, you understand? Capicé?
      Listen, you keep on running your piehole
      And I'm gonna take you over to my grandmother's house
      For a nice Sunday dinner
      She'll have the (insert Italian food[?])
      We'll have a real good time
      When you can't eat anymore
      We'll have 'er open up the fridge
      And take out the canolis
      And the pustard shots
      And keep feeding you
      And feeding you and feeding you
      Then I'm gonna drive you home
      Throw you in the bathroom, lock the door
      And burn every piece of toilet paper you own
      You schmutz
      God bless you and your family

      Andy Mineo - Paisano's Wylin' (Feat. Marty Of Social Club) Música y Letra



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