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      Cold World

      Cold World

      B Reith

      Album: The Forecast EP

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      B Reith - Cold World Música y Letra

      Verse 1:
      In a world full of bottled up pain, hurt and sorrow
      Six people out of ten won't want to wake up tomorrow
      When thirty thousand children won't live through tomorrow
      Malnutritioned and starved, stomachs empty and hollow
      While the rest of us take every meal, breath and step for granted
      Forgettin' life was a gift in us a seed was planted
      We've lost ourselves to this world, with it became enchanted
      Our hearts were fertile soil but now they're rock harder than granite
      On this populated planet one man will kill another man
      To prove what he calls manhood but really it's insanity
      Can it be that all this pain, hurt and calamity
      Is the derivative of sin committed by Adam and Eve
      It gets worse, year after year statistics prove
      That over 900, 000 kids suffer abuse
      And that's just in America, land of the free
      Home of the brave where 34 percent of children can say
      They have to face life without their biological father
      So basketball and rap stars become their role models
      And now they're supposed to choose right over wrong
      When all their role model talks about is murder in his songs
      It's a known fact, this world is oh so cold
      You could search your whole life across the whole entire globe
      Just remember the prophesy from ages ago
      "What prophet a man to gain the world yet forfeit his soul"
      It's a cold cold world
      Don't lose yourself in it
      Verse 2:
      Ladies and gentlemen, let me just tell you
      A little somethin' that I think you could benefit from
      When I was young I would pretend I was dumb and not raise my hand
      So I didn't come across as an intelligent one
      'Cause back then it wasn't cool to be smart
      If you cared about school somehow that made you a loser at heart
      It was a lie spread by kids that were to lazy to study
      I was a fool to believe and let 'em shape me like puddy
      Ain't even funny, time starts flyin' so fast
      Somebody kicked it into fifth gear and stepped on the gas
      Old age will creep up like a snake in the grass
      Before you know it, you're dead lyin' in a casket
      Everything we lived for didn't mean a thing
      'Cause this cold world is temporary life in vane
      So I search for what's eternal submerge myself in the truth
      Lord the only way to stay warm in this cold world is you
      Don't let this world grab a hold of you, take you in and mold you into somethin' you don't want to be
      'Cause when it's all said and done then, you can't turn around and change a single thing

      B Reith - Cold World Música y Letra



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