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      Go On

      Go On

      B Reith

      Album: The Forecast EP

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      B Reith - Go On Música y Letra

      verse 1:
      Here we go yep yep I know
      you ain't never seen it done like this befo'
      long hair blue eyes yes yes I flow
      yes I sing plus I bring the ill beats that be
      sizzlin' man like bacon grease
      back when I had short hair they called me Jason Priestley
      but time passed, I had to mature
      you see I'm tryin' to be the next Ashton Kutcher
      mock my style I dare you yo
      watch me popcorn right out of your stereo
      I spit more rounds then a merry go
      I flip more sounds then a karaoke machine
      B-Team this has been my dream
      since back when Al Green was lean, my scheme
      my plot, rise the top as one of the best
      I'm tryin' to be the white Kanye West you heard me?
      that was a joke in case you didn't get it
      I'm one in a million custom fitted
      if you ain't with it than hit the exit
      don't disrespect this I'll leave you breathless
      Go on, hey D.J. play that funky song that I like but I can't recall the name, I think it goes like "La-da-da, la-da-da-da-da" by some guy named B.Right yea I think that was his name, play that funky song
      verse 2:
      It's messed when they can't say your name right
      B.Reeth, B.Right naw B.Reith!
      See the T-H at the end like
      thank you for saying it wrong again
      what do I gotta do to get some respect 'round here
      start frontin' like I'm crazy and throwin' round chairs
      would you quit tellin' people that I'm from Brown Deer
      really man, what you tryin' to do, kill my career?
      It's bad enough they didn't put my name on the roster
      now they're trying to claim that I'm a J.C. Chavez imposter
      What? Where's my manager? Wait that's me
      at times like these I wish I had a fake i.d.
      so I tell the bouncer, "Hey, where's the bathroom?
      It's an emergency dude I'll be back soon."
      Sneak to the stage, hand my CD to the D.J.
      tell him when I cue him hit play, ready?
      Hey D.J. please won't you give me a chance so I can drop this beat and make these people dance. Now um, one thing is clear they goin' like what they hear so um, lend me your ear and just watch me get my groove on
      verse 3:
      You know you're broke when you sing for free
      thinkin' that you'll make some money if you bring CD's
      show up, the sound system is soundin' like garbage
      my man where'd you buy this microphone from, Target?
      It's funny how the same people that mean mug you
      will come up to you after the show and try to hug you
      now matter how tight you are on the mic
      there's always one hater that's like, "Dude he's alright, I'm better though."
      It's sort of sad but I had to laugh
      when I thought this girl wanted my autograph
      I said, "Hey how you doin' what's your name?" "It's Margie,
      sorry to bother you but can I borrow that Sharpie?"
      "What? Don't you know who I am girl?"
      "No. Wait, are you that dude from 'That 70's Show?'"
      Shoot, I played it off said, "Yup that's me."
      "Oh my gosh, here, sign this B.Reeth CD!"
      You're kidding me

      B Reith - Go On Música y Letra



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