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      Here We Are

      Here We Are

      B Reith

      Album: The Forecast EP

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      B Reith - Here We Are Música y Letra

      [Verse 1:]
      I'm back at it again, doin' damage with a pad and a pen
      Expectin' nothin' less than a rating average of ten
      Here to break the standard trends and habits of men
      Who's more savage than Macho Man Randy Savage's tan
      Style so unique they don't know what to call it
      Get you on your feet standin' up like a cowlick
      Cooked somethin' to feed all you Hip-Hop-Aholics
      I shine like my Adidas all cleaned up and polished
      Yea I graduated from college
      With a useless degree and some irrelevant knowledge
      And a whole lot of loans that I'll only pay off
      If this so called music career ever takes off, I'm laid off,
      So it's time to hit the grind
      Papermate to the Mead ya'll I speak my mind
      Should have been a shoe cleaner how I spit to shine
      Flip a beat make ya shake 'til you twist your spine
      Now everybody wants a piece of the B.Reith pie
      I saute my beats so they don't taste dry
      Leave your mouth watering your savorin' the flavor
      Stay fresh in case you were savin' it for later
      Waited for so long to get this far
      Never thought the time would come but look now here we are
      Dreamed about this moment ever since I was a child
      Gave it all I had to give Momma look now aren't you proud
      [Verse 2:]
      Now I remember back when I was a little boy
      I use to act like I was the Real McCoy
      Star Wars lunch box with the thermos too
      Transformer trapper-keeper bro I thought you knew
      Had a crush on a girl plus she liked me too
      Held hands rollerskatin' that was all we'd do
      Cause that's all we knew, didn't even conversate
      Just sat next to her in math class and called it a date
      Pops had the Michael Jackson Thriller cassette tape
      So I popped in in the boom box and faked
      Like I was in the video tryin' to dance all cool
      Wavin' my arms back and forth and actin' a fool
      So young and naive no clue what was ahead of me
      But if I did fear would have got the best of me
      Pressed on stumbled and fell got up repeatedly
      Onward and steadily on towards the Heavenlies
      Some part inside wants to go back in time and be young again
      Free to dream further than the stars above
      Time must move on though my childhood is gone I can still love again
      Free to be the man that You made me

      B Reith - Here We Are Música y Letra



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