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      Out Of Town

      Out Of Town

      Daniel Amos

      Album: Alarma

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      Daniel Amos - Out Of Town Música y Letra

      If you're a dream, my lonely heart is breaking
      Your shadow falls, and leaves me cold and aching
      I knock on every door, no one's inside
      They're out of town, this fool will always knock them down
      Head in my hand, I think it's time for crying
      And in the end, I'll find the time for dying
      I flag down every car, but they just drive on out of town
      This fool is traveling underground
      All the happy endings, with lights so stunning
      It knocks you to the ground, and it ends your running
      Heard it whispered lately, that someone's coming
      From out of town, out of town, out of town
      There's knocking at my door, please go away
      I'm leaving town, your company would bring me down

      Daniel Amos - Out Of Town Música y Letra



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