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      Somebody's Watching (DrumApella Mix)

      Somebody's Watching (DrumApella Mix)

      Dc Talk

      Album: Remixes & Rarities

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      Dc Talk - Somebody's Watching (DrumApella Mix) Música y Letra

      What cha thinking doing the things you do
      Whose opinion are ya listening to
      Justifying you turn it all to grey
      Synchronizing to society's ways
      RAP- Society has gotten to be all outta wack
      And don't bother with excuses whether white or black
      To blame it on a color won't get a result
      Because history reveals to me how ethics were lost
      In reality our decency has taken a plunge
      In God We Trust is an American pun
      Funny how it happened so subtly
      Hey-yo fellas kick the melody
      CHORUS- Socially acceptable
      It's ok, it's alright
      Socially acceptable
      It's ok in whose sight
      Socially acceptable
      Times are changing with morals in decay
      Human rights have made the wrongs ok
      Something's missing and if your asking me
      I think that something is the G-O-D
      RAP- To label wrong or right by the people's sight
      Is like going to a loser to ask advice
      And by basing your plans on another man's
      Way of living life is creating a brand
      Of ethics sure to be missin' the punch
      No-count morals that are to lunch
      They're sliding away because everything's ok
      It was taboo back then, but today ya say "What the hey"
      RAP- We gotta get back to the principles found in the Word
      A little G-O-D could be socity's cure
      From the state that we're living in
      'Cause again we're slipping
      So pray for America
      Because time is ticking

      Dc Talk - Somebody's Watching (DrumApella Mix) Música y Letra



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