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      Desires In Conflict

      Desires In Conflict


      Album: Our World Fallen

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      Flame - Desires In Conflict Música y Letra

      Yea, I wanna tell ya'll this story
      It's a lot of people looking for restoration
      And really searching
      I met an interesting man
      Who confessed some of the struggles within
      Brace yourself cause the struggle is deep
      Cause the struggle is deep
      He wrestles with the very complex thing
      And this is what he said to me
      You don't understand my pain
      You don't understand my secret
      The type of depression I sleep with
      It's been going on
      Every since I was six years old
      My greatest fear is still being exposed
      My emotions cross wires
      Causing a sexual crossfire
      Now I have conflicting desires
      As a distraction
      Same sex attraction
      In my actions and emotional breakdown just like fractions
      See, people even say that I'm wrong
      But people need to leave me alone
      Just check Dateline
      And the news will even show you
      The hate crimes
      I would see God but why waste time
      I'm so embarrassed
      I try to change
      But it just won't work
      I felt ashamed when I stepped in the church
      I feel isolated
      Child of trauma
      I try to forget that while dealing with these struggles and set backs
      I been around
      Man... it's got to be tough man
      I don't know what to say
      I met an interesting woman
      Who confessed some of her struggles within
      Brace yourself cause her struggle is deep (cause her struggle is deep)
      She wrestles with the very complex thing
      And this is what she said to me
      You don't understand my pain
      You don't understand my struggle
      Never hearing a man say that I love you
      Without something in mind
      Yea, I grew up as a classic tomboy
      When I was young I used to clown boys
      It was so funny
      But then the jokes stopped when he grabbed my throat
      And I got raped looked around and there was no pops
      Then I resented and hated men my friends then
      But I never dated men for a long time
      When I did I became promiscuous
      Involved in sexual experiences
      That I shouldn't been
      Never felt feminine til I met a friend
      Who really took the time just to understand
      It became more than a friendship
      One day when her hand slipped
      I tried to change but that's the way that I am
      Please accept me for the way that I am
      Please, I been around
      Wow... that's deep... um
      I don't know
      And when they shared their secrets
      It was very hard to speak
      But I knew they wanted me to respond (they wanted me to respond)
      I closed my eyes and said a prayer to God
      Lord please help me speak your mind
      I don't understand your pain (I don't)
      And I don't and your secrets (I don't)
      The type of depression you sleep with
      But I sympathize
      I really do
      Know it's gotta be hard
      Being you so I try to be true
      And I try to empathize
      But I know that God wants to express a sacredness
      Through opposite sex
      Yes through opposite sex
      For man and woman to become one
      Is the union God wanted to bless
      Yes, He wants to bless
      It paints a picture of His desire for oneness
      With us in a relationship we can be with the Father
      He's always faithful
      He'll never molest or disrespect His sons and daughters
      You can bet on this
      His love is deeper than the ocean floor
      The blood of Jesus is the open door
      To forgive us for our sins
      And He can restore the void in a woman
      And He can restore the men to men from homosexual sin
      See a person's race or ethnicity is sacred
      Our sexuality is sacred as well
      And it's a gift from God
      We don't have the right to do with it what we want to
      God has an original intent
      Just like I can't go off and participate in any type of sexual act that I want to with
      My sexuality pornography premarital sex adultery
      So what is it with our sexuality
      Concerning homo sexuality
      God has established
      The divine order
      And we must follow

      Flame - Desires In Conflict Música y Letra



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