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      Mind Blowin'

      Mind Blowin'


      Album: Dichotomy A

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      Grits - Mind Blowin' Música y Letra

      Grits feat. 4th Ave Jones
      you can't solve it
      you can't solve it
      you can't solve it
      mind blowin'
      don't have to sway for second rates
      mind blowin'
      go 'head and raise yo' family
      mind blowin'
      don't let them under educate you
      mind blowin'
      respect for all humanity
      ma soul design
      speak so elequintly
      coffee so defined
      i know this time
      the piece of pie is in ma reach
      i know its mine
      so sabline
      throwin' up ma souljah sign
      before we find the bit and coldest kind
      this it
      let 'em know what for this time
      let 'em know kinda cool with a mountain view
      picturesc and a flow so fresh
      the best to that i can atest
      make the rest seem so new m newest stature
      just cause 'til you fall
      we gotcha
      this why we all got at ya' (what)
      chase and bouncin' balls across the walls
      we all be after
      hopeless in ma view
      don't miss constrew ma clause to you (you)
      tragic loss to ma disdain
      some me up 'til i hit this thing
      had to record the flavor if ma west coast conglomerant
      who fond of it
      nobody does it better when it comes to it
      [4th ave jones]
      lookin' out ma window at ma ghetto street
      i gotta (what)
      become a man
      i gotta (what)
      take care, my baby and them got to eat
      i gotta (what what)
      charge ya'll beggin' ain't nothin for free
      i gotta (what)
      will to fight and the mind to tell the truth
      i gotta (what)
      kill this mic everytime i'm in this booth
      i gotta (what)
      win the game and get a castle for ma queen
      i gotta (what)
      get some change
      i gotta keep ma mama clean
      i gotta (what)
      a problem with talkin' too much of talkin' what you don't want
      (what what)
      you fright and definative no bitin' homie don't blonk
      gotta get ma grind on
      i'm runnin' out the time zone
      the jones click and grits fent to have yo' mind blown
      bromin' with these baller like tendencies and servin' these pain killers
      stillin' surrenges and blowin' brains
      shunin' fame
      motivation to build a nation
      out of a fallen generation
      with these verses in reverse
      against the grain we move the vision
      haters came in opposition
      our decisions held a question
      yet many copied off our mission
      we desciples there's a difference
      versous christians and religion
      reach a man
      you speak this man
      but believe the truth and understand 
      my devotions fully focused on prevokin' ya'll to get open to what speakin' these rhymes and how yo' life should be defined
      we keep it nice
      with doors closed
      throw that greek through the window and make that sacrifice to bring it back to life
      think twice but never hold back the knife
      course 2x
      ain't never called when it hit no
      like a breeze comin' through the window
      it's blindin' the core of ma retina
      people better be changin'
      we 'bout to be gettin' up on life
      it's only a few who get this nice
      who knew that it took sacrifice?
      bring it back to life
      we be the rappers, who turn back time
      showin' you how to control the devine
      ....muffled pressures defined, blowin' ya mind

      Grits - Mind Blowin' Música y Letra



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