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      Album: Factors Of The Seven

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      Grits - Mirage Música y Letra

      First you see it then you don't (a Mirage)
      Hopin' when I get up close, it's a colorful collage
      Far off it looks real (a Mirage), hidden till the I
      Naw girl, chill, it ain't even like that
      I know them other brother's frontin' on their motives
      in fact, I used to be like that a long time ago
      Sunday school mack pushin' up on ever sister in tact
      At the choir show dipped in silk clothes like a pimp
      With gold chains danglin' polo scent stranglin'
      A wolf in sheeps clothing in the mold of crooked
      preachers usin' pick up lines like, "Let me touch and
      agree wit cha"
      On the subject matters in life you found to be your
      weaknesses ignorance revealed and I used them as my
      On occasions in my game I'd spit the truth to get
      closer to you abussin' trust from desires of lust
      So watch your back sisters don't be victims fallin'
      like prey
      Caught in traps when Jack the Ripper crosses
      boundaries you lay
      If his display is not the essence that of Christ in
      your sights
      He very well may be seduction your destruction in life
      (Reverend Pimp Daddy baby)...
      ( Nothing's real anymore, what's everything fake for? 
      It makes more doubt engulf the stance we chose to take
      Slimy, slithering snakes raise the stakes
      RRRRRaaaa, time for GRITS to make the ground quake
      Falsehoods, deceptions, wool pulled over eyes
      Dazed and hypnotized by facades and lies
      Corruption breedin' hounds of Hell, bounds and spell
      Disastrous endings you wolf in sheep's pretending
      Offending I find your accolades to be gut wrenching
      Ripping me inside due to the lifestyle tried
      I'm hittin' on all the flimsy-handed, limp-wristed
      Complicatin' life from simplistic not lashin' out to
      be sadistic
      But my Bible totally contradicts your kind of sickness
      My Lord destroyed whole cities for your type of
      You people are getting me stressed with your bessed
      dressed contests
      Gainin' noteriety in Christian society
      Not fly to me
      I know what's goin' on opposite of what you try to be
      People are talkin' and what you do reflects on all of
      A hypocrital Citadel is what they callin' all of us.

      Grits - Mirage Música y Letra



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