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      Ave Maria (The Song for Mary)

      Ave Maria (The Song for Mary)

      Jason Gray

      Album: Christmas Stories Repeat the Sounding Joy

      Jason Gray - Ave Maria (The Song for Mary) Música y Letra, MP3 GRATIS

      She picks the flowers in the morning
      Tucks just a few in her hair
      The joy of her mother and father
      As she spins around unaware
      She carries her song into evening
      And the dreams of all little girls
      She carries the bread to the table
      She carries the hope of the world
      Ave Maria
      Ave Maria
      Angels can carry glad tidings
      Or burdens to bear in the dark
      Love can take both fear and wonder
      And hold them inside the same heart
      You carried hope and a promise
      You carried shame and disgrace
      Which was the heavier burden
      That drew lines in a little girl’s face?
      Ave Maria
      Gratia plena
      Maria, gratia plena
      Maria, gratia plena
      Ave, ave dominus
      Dominus tecum
      Benedicta tu in mulieribus
      Et benedictus
      Et benedictus fructus ventris
      Ventris tuae, Jesus
      Held by the love you were holding
      Is this what it means to be blessed?
      To carry your hope through the darkness
      As it carries you into your rest
      Ave Maria
      Ave Maria




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