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      Kirk Franklin

      Album: The Fight of My Life

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      Kirk Franklin - Jesus Música y Letra

      [Verse I]
      Ooh, superstar
      Never drove around in a fancy car
      Kids looked at me funny, momma she had no money but she always told me,
      "Baby, know who yo are"
      I say ooh, don't know
      It was hard always wearing my cousin clothes
      Can you hand me down a dream with those hand-me-down jeans?
      Thought I'd never make it, but i made it y'all, 'cause I had...
      When I had nothing, had to struggle, and was up to no good
      The reason I am still breathing is 'cause
      Jesus [3x]
      It's crazy how You love me even when I don't You like I should
      Jesus [3x]
      [Verse II]
      Ooh, look at me
      I know I'm not all I'm supposed to be, I'm gonna get it right,
      didn't get here overnight, so while you're waiting please wait patiently
      I say ooh, it's so sweet to know You were always in love with me
      Though my game was clever, but no one can play me better than Yoiu
      You know You always win cause You're
      When I think about Your name I go
      How You took away my pain I go Ooh
      Every night at the club
      Ain't no wife at the club
      That Jesus He be showing me love
      They said I wasn't gon' make it Kirk
      I know how taht sound
      It's only by His grace I can say 'look at me now'
      If you love this joint right here
      I want you to call your radio station in the moring
      And I want you to tell 'em
      Hey Mr. DJ
      Can you play my favorite song? (Will you play my favorite song?)
      I heard it say it's gonna get better
      We gon' make out the hood someday
      Hey Mr. DJ
      I wanna hear that song about Jesus
      I heard my moma crying, I gotta let her know He's gonna wipe her tears away
      You are listening to sound of a brotha who should be dead right now
      But I'm so glad God didn't give up on me!
      Ain't you glad He didn't give up on you?
      What's His name?
      Hey Mr. DJ, Jesus [4x]

      Kirk Franklin - Jesus Música y Letra




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