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      Little boy (featuring rance allen)

      Little boy (featuring rance allen)

      Kirk Franklin

      Album: The Fight of My Life

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      Kirk Franklin - Little boy (featuring rance allen) Música y Letra

      [Verse I]
      Little boy, where you goin'?
      Tell me what you gon' do, you gon' be
      Tell what your future
      Is college in your dreams?
      You like that money and them shiny things?
      Got shot at seventeen
      At your funeral we sing a sad song
      Your momma's baby's gone
      I hear the preacher say, "Rest in peace little boy."
      [Verse II]
      Little girl, where you goin'?
      Do you even know you too young for them clothes?
      I know you think you grown
      But let him see yo mind not the crack or yo behind
      Baby, Take your time and realize tomorrow has trouble of its own
      Oh, and one more thing
      You deserve a king 'cause you a queen, baby girl
      [B section]
      What happen to the days when we knew the way and we used to say Jesus
      Now everyting is gray when trouble comes we pray
      Something gotta change
      I've seen the lightning flashing
      And I heard the thunder roll
      See it won't be long God is showing up our wrong
      You better get right church
      Before it's time to go home
      [Verse III]
      Momma, Daddy, what you doing?
      Ain't took a trip in years
      Busy with both your careers trying to make your mark
      Even bought a house but you kids live at 106&Park
      It's getting dark
      Don't let the sun go down
      Now your children ain't around for you
      Ain't no money in the world worth you losing family
      Just tryin' to help you see baby
      [B section and Chorus]
      If we ever need The Lord before, we sho' do need him now
      Sho' do
      [Verse IV]
      Preacherman, where we goin'?
      Church, what does it mean?
      Talent show or lottery?
      I know I've been guilty
      It starts inside of me
      Together, we can make a change
      And one more thing
      When you judge his name
      Be careful, the preacher ain't you God
      See his job is to give people Jesus, baby
      Jesus, baby
      [Chorus 2x]

      Kirk Franklin - Little boy (featuring rance allen) Música y Letra




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