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      The Christmas Blessing

      The Christmas Blessing


      Album: The Christmas Hope

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      NewSong - The Christmas Blessing Música y Letra

      I remember our first Christmas
      We were young and so in love
      Nothing to give but we had each other
      Somehow it was more than enough
      I remember how you held me
      Said I'd never let you go
      Now here we are another year another Christmas
      And there's something you should know
      This is my Christmas blessing
      This is my Christmas prayer
      No matter where the years may take us
      Love will find us there
      This is my Christmas promise
      This is my gift to you
      Forever we will be together
      And God will see us through
      And you'll have me and I'll have you
      I know that Heaven sent you to me
      I know that love's a gift from God
      And I'm reminded every Christmas
      The wonder of it all
      Christmas is a time for us to tell the ones we love
      Just how much we love them
      Because God first loved us

      NewSong - The Christmas Blessing Música y Letra



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