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      Behold The Christ

      Behold The Christ

      Trip Lee

      Album: If They Only Knew

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      Trip Lee - Behold The Christ Música y Letra

      Hey yo, waddup?
      Dis ya boy Mac
      Mac the doulos supplyin' da track
      Yeah, got my man's Trip Lee on the verse
      We had to team up
      Let cat's know the truth about Jesus the Christ
      Not just a prophet, not just a man
      He's God in da flesh
      A O Trip, get 'at 'em
      Let 'em know!
      There's one who stands who can save a man from hell
      I thought you heard the incarnate word, Emmanuel
      Not the bishop, God with us why can't you tell (that)
      He's 100% God and all man as well
      No illusion, God became man for real
      To remain perfect in a sinful land that's I'll
      He came through to return how a man would kneel
      And now tongues will confess the lamb is real
      The word became flesh put on skin and blood
      Was perfect, right though his death when they spilled his blood
      No room for a pregnant servant who was highly favored
      That in her womb deserved worship, the righteous savior
      He was the right guy to save 'em, and they was clearly wretched
      But is fortelling to the fact that people here will reject him
      We should fear and rest in Him, surely bless Him
      Born of a virgin, which made for a pure conception
      How fittin', Mary will now birth the Son
      What a beautiful baby, Jesus the perfect one
      An infant but the second standing in the trinity
      But get this, both humanity and divinity
      Now I'm a soldier standing up in His infantry
      The slain lamb, great man who delivered me
      The King that put every bit of strength in me
      He is savior, creator, exact representation of His nature
      He is more than just a man, He is God in the flesh
      Made like us now in His grace we can rest, He is the Christ
      He is savior, creator, exact representation of His nature
      He is more than just a man, He is God in the flesh
      Made like us now in His grace we can rest
      Behold the Christ
      Please excuse me, I must shoot the truth to dudes
      Even though it's bout confusin as rubics cubes
      How the Creator wrapped Himself in human flesh
      To be booed, persecuted and bruised to death
      Now you can rest on Jesus and His savin grace
      And be truly blessed, He came to take our place
      But some of us so called believers take an awkward stance
      And deny the doctrine that He was God and man
      And don't believe in Christ as Creator of man from dust
      Why should we trust Him if He was just a man like us?
      And tell me this, if Christ was not God with men
      Then how did he manage to live apart from sin?
      With no flaws within, and here's the major test
      When the last time you seen a man raise from death?
      I know, never/ It's impossible unless of course
      Jesus Christ was God in the flesh and Lord
      Further proof that Jesus is one with God
      Hebrews 1, the Father refers to the Son as God
      I could go on for days with this scriptural proof
      Cause this ain't just my opinion, it's biblical truth
      Plus, it's one of the core essentials of the faith
      Somethin we must believe if we some Christians and we saved
      If we don't believe this, then we denyin the Bible
      And we believe in a different Christ, our God is an idol
      Look I don't think we quite comprehend the concept
      The kinda lavish paradise the Son left
      For the kinda rejection He would come get
      On the cross, breath in His lungs, it was none left
      Was it love? Yes, but nonetheless
      There still wasn't a place for the Son to rest
      Not only through leavin Heaven was His love expressed
      But God the Son in flesh, Christ, would come and step
      On Earth, the coldest place/ He showed His grace
      Then died, but His life didn't go to waste
      Was rich and more than comfortable, but he made
      Himself poor with grace
      He was made for a lil' while lower than angels
      But some still don't embrace Him, He's longin to save ya
      And if He does He's unashamed to call ya brother
      Cause we got the same Father, it's God above us
      In everyway He made Himself like us
      Was even tested main, yet remained righteous
      We can't complain and say He can't relate to us
      Cause He was made just like the ones He made from dust
      Faithful to us, died as propitiation
      Quenched His wrath and took a load off depraved men
      But don't be fooled like Satan had the Son in defeat
      Cause now He sits on the throne with all under His feet

      Trip Lee - Behold The Christ Música y Letra



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