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      Gotta Grow

      Gotta Grow

      Trip Lee

      Album: If They Only Knew

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      Trip Lee - Gotta Grow Música y Letra

      T-Stone, what it do, man, yeah
      Somebody wave yer hands like dis (like dis)
      E'erbody wave yer hands like dis (like dis)
      Yeah, y'all can dance to this (yeah)
      Yeah, y'all can dance to this
      Less git it, less git it man (less git it man)
      Less git it, less git it man (yeah)
      [Verse 1:]
      I wasn't never the type that's tryna kill folks
      Nothing too bad maybe dabbled in a lil smoke
      A lil lust, but wasn't never seen as a bad dude
      Was livin for myself dreamed of wealth and makin cash move
      Was told of a savior who raised named Jesus
      That paid full of grace and I did believe it
      They told me He would hold me and I was blessed with Christ
      I'm like, "I get to go to Heaven? Man I'm set for life."
      But after that, I was just ya average Sunday Christian
      Up in church with my bible, back Monday sinning
      Up in the school yard trying hard to blend in
      Was acting dead as a carcass, far from livin
      I was all up in the world, I was just like the rest of them
      Called myself a Christian, but would sin with the best of them
      I wouldn't share my faith or read my Word it's crazy
      I was a immature believer, a spiritual baby
      [Chorus: x2]
      We gotta grow, we can't stay in the same place
      We gotta grow, we gotta be seeking His face
      We gotta grow, so if you saved and you've been pardoned
      We gotta grow, you ain't done you just getting started
      [Verse 2:]
      I was my own guide, would never dive in His truth
      But didn't realize that I was set aside for His use
      So I'd just live for what I thought was my best interest
      Around nonbelievers you couldn't tell the difference
      Wan't a thug, nah I ain't got no horror story
      But was livin for myself not the Lord and His glory
      My confession: I didn't seek my Dad's perfection
      Was goin down the wrong road like I had bad directions
      Until He showed my not imitating the Christ
      And livin fo me I was truly wasting my life
      And that Christ died so I could have relationship
      But by my actions I refused to take this gift
      Until He made a switch and now I want some mo of Him daily
      By His grace I'm growing and have matured from a baby
      I'm so grateful that I've been torn from sin
      And day by day He's makin me more like Him
      [Verse 3:]
      So for my believers, I just wanna encourage y'all
      To draw closer to the Lord I know you heard His call
      Even if you ain't smokin an shootin at domes
      If you don't do it all fo His glory, you doin it wrong
      Heaven ain't the only reason we got saved
      If we don't get to know Jesus then we got played
      Plus we gotta change, He said He'd change us all
      And the faith without fruit, that ain't faith at all (why)
      Sanctification, check Romans 6
      We 'posed to switch, die to sin and grow in holiness
      All my brothers and sister I know this walk is tough
      But even if you young just getting saved is not enough
      We gotta talk to Him, read who the Lord in the skies is
      The reason we breathe is to enjoy and glorify Him
      I'm grateful the Father is changing ya boy
      And getting closer to Him is an unexplainable joy

      Trip Lee - Gotta Grow Música y Letra



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