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      Trip Lee

      Album: Rise

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      Trip Lee - Shweet Música y Letra

      Get them hands in the air
      Make a little noise in the stands if you there
      Brag on the Godman if you dare, only if you dare
      That’d be shweet
      What if when you brag it wasn’t ‘bout the clothes with the tags?
      That’d be shweet
      What if when you brag it was bout him who’s the first and the last?
      That’d be shweet
      [Post Hook:]
      I heard them talking like they hot man
      Somebody got them gassed up, on that octane
      Look I hate to tell them they ain’t better
      Better get a umbrella, God reigns
      [Verse 1:]
      Let’s go back in time to late eighties
      D town hold me down, that’s where they made me
      When I’m back there, I ain’t vaca-ing
      Feels like I’m home, thinking about staying, I ain’t staying though
      Ooh already already
      Lone star state bred, how could I forget it
      But I ain’t pop up out the blue
      It’s fly how he knit me, I ain’t talking bout the shoe, shoot
      I got a lot of problems but I’m straight, that’s shweet
      I know my God will toss them in the lake, that’s shweet
      How many times I gotta tell you he’s the boss and to him anything’s a piece of cake?
      [Post Hook]
      [Verse 2:]
      I been in the A a lot this year
      Perfecting these songs that I spit here
      And ever since 2010 it’s been clear
      Everybody talking bout you gotta live here, I think they got me now
      Ooh, already already
      Lone star state bred, how could I forget it?
      Middle school we was bumpin swisha house though
      Had our freestyles sounding like them swisha house flows
      Saying, “man hold up, I done came down
      Trunk pop, gripping grain, baby stay down”
      Wasn’t talking bout nothing, but a pipe dream
      Like, “man my wrist froze like ice cream”
      But he opened my eyes, bruh
      All my people was surprised, bruh
      Cause I used rap bout cash, that I never really had
      Then I came alive, bruh
      [Post Hook]
      [Verse 3:]
      They say they make it happen
      But they really only try
      My God is the captain, he can really make it happen
      He been reigning in the sky
      They say they make it rain
      They really only throw cash
      But my Lord’s running in his own lane
      Makes rain fall and the thunder crash
      We think we tell time
      But we really only reading our clock
      My God existed before time
      And he told it when to start, mouth drop
      We say we got it in control
      But that’s really a mirage
      My God, he can keep the world running
      While directing all the planets and the stars, shweet
      Everybody go and brag that’s shweet [x4]
      That's shweet
      Not sweet but shweet
      With a s, h bro
      I was built to brag

      Trip Lee - Shweet Música y Letra




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