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      The Wonders of You

      The Wonders of You

      Andy Hunter

      Album: Exodus

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      Andy Hunter - The Wonders of You Música y Letra

      Who is like You?
      Who is like the wonders, the wonders, the wonders, the wonders of You?
      From alpha to Omega
      No Ones greater
      While your cutting the wax
      And cross up the fader
      You can cross the fade
      But can't fade the cross
      Divine blood drops
      Can set free the lost
      Love personified
      Makes seas divide
      Eyes of the storm
      Of the tempest ride
      Who can compare
      Who can dare to stare in the eyes of the Most High and die
      Often imitated
      Never duplicated
      Only One original
      Perfect in ways in which we could be
      Others like Him
      Never will be
      Ancient of days
      In mysterious ways
      Works wonders
      Setting bushes a blaze
      40 years in a maze
      With a pillar of fire
      Dancing on waves
      My life's desire
      Who is like you
      Who was, is and will be
      Who can do what you can do simply?
      He who has an ear, let him hear
      Speaking through the speaker to your ears
      Is my transmission clear?

      Andy Hunter - The Wonders of You Música y Letra




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