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      The Saints (feat. KB & Trip Lee)

      The Saints (feat. KB & Trip Lee)

      Andy Mineo

      Album: Heroes For Sale

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      Andy Mineo - The Saints (feat. KB & Trip Lee) Música y Letra

      [Andy Mineo]
      I don't know but I've been told when the saints come marching in we roll
      So deep that they can't believe we sold out seats and them cd's
      Please don't sleep on the beat I.....beat up these
      Still don't get it would you keep up please
      We ain't no heroes for sale, if you bought one better keep your recipt
      Ok I get it I know what they thinking
      We some kumbya singing corny christians keep your disses
      By a ticket to a concert pay a visit think it's odd
      We dem blues brothers 116 on a mission from God
      I don't think they get it I really think what they gotta do is see it to believe it I wasn't planning on leaving them
      Gimmie the microphone with no gimmicks I'm really living it so when they come in and don't you know to get up on the evidence
      You ever wanna get it well tell 'em to come and get it
      I point 'em to a God and we tell 'em we really wit Him
      They thinkin' that I'm trippin cause I'm livin' for more than just rappin' but that's what happens when
      Oh no, here they go go
      Them boys sold out no promo
      Tell me give em 2 years it'll go cold
      But them boys got 8 like O-JO
      Imma keep it 300
      Industry probably wanna see us so
      But we in the in week in the weak livin we give it our God don't do any wrong
      The aroma is that our God saves
      Married to the Rock and I'm faithful
      To take these words Beyonce
      Don't it feel like we famous
      When the world will know what are name is
      But heaven knows us baby and that book of life is that a list
      I'm so rich and I ain't talkin bout cheddar
      But I bank on Christ go and talk to the teller
      Cut the checks that I get I'll be cashing forever
      Laugh at the saints that ain't a thing go
      They be lacking to pay that thinking straight
      Man we ain't lacking a thing rack in the faith
      Paid by the blood of the Lamb that is paid
      Debt is paid
      [Trip Lee]
      Now I don't know what you've been told about us bout us
      But we gon' love em even though they doubt us doubt us
      We just visiting like we some out of towners
      Got em asking us how does this God turn ya'll into shouters
      We don't really think we better, call us perfect no never
      But we glad to be call saints cause God called us that in the meadows
      Set apart for the Savior, He's led our heart to the Maker
      Forget the art that we making if we never love our neighbors
      You might catch us whilsting, marked to the spot straight glistening
      Shining cause we filled with Him, you might wanna listen in
      Messiah came down the He reigned and He rose
      Here yeah they go with this again
      That's what makes us love our neighbors
      We not just omitting sin

      Andy Mineo - The Saints (feat. KB & Trip Lee) Música y Letra



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