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      The Comeback Kid

      The Comeback Kid

      B Reith

      Album: The B Reith EP

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      B Reith - The Comeback Kid Música y Letra

      I'm back by popular demand
      Well not really, but my optimism's grand
      A little success has got me in a jam
      I never thought I'ld say I got too many fans
      You can thank my face for that, i mean wait
      Myspace, Facebook, lets face the facts
      I'm at the bottom of the charts, but we aiming high
      Kinda hard when they still can't say your name right
      Took some time away from the game
      Came back same thing though times have changed
      I'm no longer that dude from that 70's show
      Now I'm the guy who's video is in American Eagle
      I stay fly like seagulls got hair like the Beatles
      Spit truth for the people just call this a sequal
      We get knocked down but we get right back up
      Keep on comin back we k-k-keep on comin back for more
      There is a fire burns deep inside us
      we're the comeback kids kids we're the comeback kids
      Round 2, they're askin' what's new
      How you gonna comeback B what you gonna do?
      Took a couple shots to the face from some critics
      Can't imagine what they gonna say when they hear this
      I'm done tryin' to fit in, thought about quittin'
      Can't stop now we can't afford to give in
      Learned my lesson through facin' opposition
      If life doesn't hurt then we're not really livin'
      So we take punch after punch like
      Cassius Clay or Sugar Ray you see
      This hard knock life might make my heart break
      But you ain't gonna make no quitter out of me
      Keep fightin' til' the war is won
      Comeback kids lion heart champion let's go
      I'm back, i gotta manager now
      He's 6'4 black and his name is Cal
      If you got a problem yo he'll solve it
      I got a style they still don't know what to call it
      I've been on the grind since L.J. was a Hornet
      Way before the days of Chris Paul in New Orleans
      Back in the days of M. Jackson and Jordan
      I was on that 8-track reel to reel recordin'
      And I still gotta pay to get on
      Paid my dues yet I still can't pay my loans
      Couldn't find a hot beat so I made my own
      Couldn't find a hot street so we paved a road
      Hey Mr. DJ keep playin my song
      While you're at it could you please stop sayin' my name wrong
      Keep fightin' to the break-break of dawn
      Comeback kids never quit always stay strong

      B Reith - The Comeback Kid Música y Letra



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