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      Wish That

      Wish That

      B Reith

      Album: The B Reith EP

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      B Reith - Wish That Música y Letra

      Please don't call me anymore
      I can't open up that door 'cause it hurts too bad oh
      My heart's still wounded and sore it needs time to
      Heal and each time you come around it's cut open
      All is fair in love and war
      But I'm not strong enough to keep coming back for
      I'll admit it, so we live and so we learn
      Thanks for teaching, I'd best be leaving before I
      wind up dead
      Oh how I wish that I could just get back
      The piece of my heart that I gave to you oh
      Yes I'll admit that I'm still a bit mad
      Oh well I guess that's just the way love goes
      I hope you don't misunderstand
      See, You deserve a real good man, let's just hope
      he's strong 'cause
      You've been dealt a real good hand and my cards
      Have enough hearts to play your silly games
      Fool me once and shame on you play me twice and
      I'm the fool
      Now I see I moved too fast, wishing I could take it
      back it's late for that
      But I learned from my mistake, I'll never make that
      mistake again

      B Reith - Wish That Música y Letra



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