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      Message of Love

      Message of Love

      Beckah Shae

      Album: Here In This Moment

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      Beckah Shae - Message of Love Música y Letra

      This is the message of love
      The name of my Father above
      Unable to fully comprehend in this world
      Countless ways to explain, still never enough
      I just keep on pressin on
      I just keep aimin for that mark
      And I won't give up, the fight for love, it's all I
      live for, now and forever
      Listen, cause I know
      There's a way that seems right to a man
      Too many people searching, empty, lonely, hurting
      And everything seems crazy, did you ever think maybe?
      The cure is found in history's pages?
      Oh and it has been written, that people are dying for
      lack of knowledge, or a stubborn sense of selfish
      Don't you know the carnal superficial minds will never
      find freedom beyond the natural eye
      Famous Isaiah, Jewish Prophet, with few friends in your
      lifetime, you chose to remain by your God's side
      This is what you said Oh (everybody's got to know this)
      He did not appear beautiful or majestic
      He was despised and rejected
      As a man of sorrows, so oppressed, yet he never said a
      He had done no wrong yet he was led like a lamb to the
      It's hard to understand
      Everybody can't
      Cause as high as the heavens
      Are his ways higher than our ways
      And his thoughts are higher than our ways
      I believe in love, redemption sings us a love song of
      sweet salvation

      Beckah Shae - Message of Love Música y Letra



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