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      Faith Is

      Faith Is

      Beckah Shae

      Album: Joy

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      Beckah Shae - Faith Is Música y Letra

      So I've decided, I'm gonna believe like a child.
      Just like them all the while, still carrying my grown up smile.
      Cause I can't help this feeling that I get when I,
      Look beyond my own two eyes and see my courage come alive.
      I love the miracles, oil, fire, gold dust, gemstones and rainbows.
      I love the wonders and signs, the glory, the laughter, the joy, the new
      Faith is being sure of what we hope for, certain of the things unseen.
      But to believe,
      Just like this little mustard seed,
      I can be a big tree.
      I want to be the one who walks on water.
      To believe is just the least I can do to please my Father.
      So I've decided, I can't convince you to believe in,
      All the crazy, amazing things I've been seeing.
      But if you only, knew just how big His love is for ya,
      There's nothing your eyes could show ya,
      That could compare to what's in store.
      I wanna see a mountain move, just cause I told it to.
      I wanna see my bread and fish be multiplied too.
      Or build an arch like Noah, who never saw the rain.
      Split the sea in two or bring a dead man back to life again.
      And for the blind, I want restored sight.
      And I'm feeling just fine giving my water for wine.
      Cause I want to be the one who walks on water!

      Beckah Shae - Faith Is Música y Letra



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