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      One And Only

      One And Only

      Big Daddy Weave

      Album: One And Only

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      Big Daddy Weave - One And Only Música y Letra

      Yeah, Yeah
      Well I am standing in the field
      Firmly planted like a tree
      And though my roots grow deep,
      I still sway from side to side
      When the wind blows by
      And this whole world keeps pulling me
      But inside I know the truth
      No matter what this life can give, 
      I know my heart was made to live for One,
      It wasn't made for two
      When you come to me
      Questioning priority
      Lord, let me drop everything and answer You..
      Yes Lord, You are, You are, my One and Only (2x)
      nah nah nah nah nah...
      It is still hard to believe
      That You look past all the flaws in me
      You see through the outside part,
      To the motives of my heart
      There is nothing I can't hide
      So come and take away
      Every thought that disobeys
      Until my response to You is truthfully.. this.. (Chorus)
      Remind me, Lord
      That You are a jealous God
      Then my heart will truly say... (Chorus 2x)

      Big Daddy Weave - One And Only Música y Letra



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