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      Waste another day

      Waste another day

      Brooke Fraser

      Album: What To Do With Daylight

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      Brooke Fraser - Waste another day Música y Letra

      Don't you say it's too early
      Baby I don't wanna waste the day
      When we've everything on our side
      And nothing in our way
      We can do what we wanna
      'Cos today the world is ours
      Nothing gray, just real time and colour
      In which to whittle away the hours
      We could speak 'til nothing's left unspoken
      We could drive 'til we've run out of road
      We could drink 'til we've emptied the ocean
      But I'd be happy here
      Happy just to hold you
      'Til the suns and planets disappear
      I could stay in your arms all year
      Even if that means infinity through
      If being producttive is being with you
      Then baby I don't want to waste another day
      I'll shout aloud what I'm feeling
      Let my tongue be still no more
      Now I know that it's the real thing
      Just try and keep me quiet about it
      'Cos we could stare until we both are blinded
      We could fall 'til gravity gets tired
      We could lose our love just to re-find it
      But I'm just happy here
      Happy staying beside you
      [Chorus x2]

      Brooke Fraser - Waste another day Música y Letra




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