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      Face down

      Face down

      Casting Crowns

      Album: Come To The Well

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      Casting Crowns - Face down Música y Letra

      I try to find a new way to tell You
      Some way to show You what You mean to me
      There's nothing new
      I exhaust myself searching
      The world just keeps turning
      What else can I do
      'Cause I find myself empty and
      Face down
      Having nothing else to cling to
      But need of love that only You can give
      Face down
      Where I know that I belong
      And I pray with grace that this world sees in me
      Someone humbled and broken at Your feet
      I stand amazed, see the work of Your hands
      Still I don't understand why You would rescue me
      An empty cross
      Where You suffered and bled
      Overcoming my death
      Recreating me
      With this freedom I will be
      So I'm asking for Your help
      Just can't do this by myself
      After all, this life's for You and not for me
      Through Your mercy now I see
      Brokenness is what I need
      So I'll stay right here at Your feet
      Right here at Your feet and

      Casting Crowns - Face down Música y Letra




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