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      Love of my heart

      Love of my heart

      Cece Winans

      Album: Alabaster Box

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      Cece Winans - Love of my heart Música y Letra

      Thy right hand holds all pleasures
      for ever more
      it's my desire to please you'
      it's what I live for
      hearin' your words and your voice
      make me rejoice
      Oh your the one that I adore(echo)
      Your my strong tower
      mighty in power
      Your spirit moves me
      Your touch is healing
      Love of My heart
      my heart beat races
      love of my heart
      your my true oasis'
      love of my heart
      my rock and fortress
      love of my heart
      yeah yeah
      there's no other place I'd
      rather be than in
      your company
      you are my guidin' light
      your the love of my heart
      yeah oh oooh
      Your my delight dear Father
      in you I trust
      I will behold thy face and
      I wanna be just like you
      and nothin' less
      you know your simply the best
      your my deliverer
      and my provider
      its your joy that pulls me through
      I can't live without you

      Cece Winans - Love of my heart Música y Letra



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