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      Come on back home

      Come on back home

      Cece Winans

      Album: Everlasting Love

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      Cece Winans - Come on back home Música y Letra

      Since the beginning you knew
      He's been with you
      You were raised in the church
      so you know I'm tellin the truth
      Livin like you don't know right from wrong
      tellin yourself you're okay
      God's word is always right
      Just admit you've left the way
      So I'm here to tell ya
      it doesn't matter what you've done or where you been
      Just fall on your knees, confess and he will forgive your sins
      Come on back home, you've been away too long
      God has been good to you
      He's brought you through and through
      Why can't you see the signs
      We're living at the end
      Jesus is coming soon
      Don't wait too late my friend
      Just surrender and stop the fight
      Go head and throw in the towel
      Why run from love any longer
      When you're almost out of time
      Let him restore you
      And break up that fallow ground
      All power is in his hands
      To turn your whole life around
      Let him in your heart
      The choice is yours you don't have to be ashamed
      Please don't ignore the knocking at your door
      Let him in your heart, he'll forget the past and give a fresh new start
      And this time hold on, don't let him, don't let him, don't let him go
      He wants to wash you and fill you and heal you and love you like...

      Cece Winans - Come on back home Música y Letra




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