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      Cece Winans

      Album: Everlasting Love

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      Cece Winans - Slippin' Música y Letra

      There you go again slippin'
      Doin' the things you said you'd never do again
      You hear me callin' your name, you're hiding
      But I know just where you are so close but yet so far
      Turn around and see the miles you've come
      Do you really wanna go back
      Just to start again, oh, my friend
      I can't bear to see you go out that way
      Don't make the mistake of letting go
      Don't be afraid, I'm here
      Hold on to me, your slippin'
      Pretending everything is okay
      In the front of the crowd, you're smilin'
      But after everyone's gone, you're all along
      You're not fine, you're slippin'
      Take off the mask with me
      I see your heart, it's hurting
      If you wanna stay with me, I need honesty
      Don't play with me, you're slippin'
      Can't make it on your own, stop tryin'
      I've got the power to keep you from fallin'
      If I could just have the chance to show you
      What real happiness is like, together we'll win the fight

      Cece Winans - Slippin' Música y Letra



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