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      Citizen Way

      Album: 2.0

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      Citizen Way - Bigger Música y Letra

      Once there was a time
      I put You in a box
      Told You what You are
      And what You’re not
      When everything was fine
      I put You on the shelf
      Running back to You
      When I need help
      But no more no more
      ‘Cuz You defied the laws of gravity
      Took a near impossibility
      A .01 percent certainty
      And turned it into reality
      Because You’re
      Bigger bigger
      Bigger than my problems 
      You’ve already solved them
      Bigger bigger
      Than I could ever understand
      The universe at Your command
      What can stand against me
      When You’re bigger bigger bigger bigger
      Ever since I took the dare
      To take You at Your Word
      Leave it all behind to seek You first
      Every little scar
      From walking in the dark
      Every chain every blame every stain
      Is no more no more
      Innocent you paid the price
      And took my place on the cross
      The darkness had won the fight
      For 3 days all hope was lost
      Death had the victory
      But the best part of this story
      Is You schooled the grave and came back to life
      That ol’ serpent couldn’t believe his eyes
      Bigger than my regret and my sorrow
      Bigger than all my fears of tomorrow
      Bigger than anything I’m facing
      I’m gonna trust in You because ‘cuz You’re Bigger

      Citizen Way - Bigger Música y Letra



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