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      On My Side

      On My Side

      Citizen Way

      Album: 2.0

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      Citizen Way - On My Side Música y Letra

      Fear is liar and the Devil’s a thief
      He keeps creeping in whispering
      You’re not man enough to make it
      You’re not tough enough to take it
      But I know the truth
      I don’t have to be ‘cuz
      My God is on my side
      Why should I fear
      Why should I hide
      On the mountain
      In the valley
      His plans are good for me
      This one thing I know
      Whatever may come
      Wherever I go
      When I fall or
      When I fly
      My God is on my side
      On my side on my side
      I remember the shackles
      I remember the weight
      And the guilt in a heart
      That only knew how to break
      But like summer in December
      I found freedom in surrender
      Grace cut my chains
      How could I not believe
      No matter how the battle looks
      It won’t end in defeat
      The King of all the universe
      Fights the war for me
      He’s won the victory

      Citizen Way - On My Side Música y Letra



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