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      All Things

      All Things

      Citizen Way

      Album: Love Is The Evidence

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      Citizen Way - All Things Música y Letra

      I met a woman down the street at the park where my kids play
      She was living underneath the trees because it’s pretty hard to find a job these days
      We talked about the ups and downs of her life
      As the tears filled her eyes she smiled and said something I will never forget
      That in all things
      All things
      Give thanks to the One
      Who meets our need before we know we even need it
      Because all things are all the things I just can’t handle
      So I hand it to the One who takes care of all things
      Tweet tweet tweet way up high in the sky fly the little birds
      Without a care in the world
      And how much more does our Father provide for the ones He loves
      And I’m ashamed how I complain everyday about things that don’t matter anyway
      And it makes me think of the woman down the street who said
      To the scared soldier there on the front lines
      To the cancer patient running out of time
      To the father afraid he’s gonna lose it all
      To the single mom who doesn’t even know where to start
      To the ones who think they’re all out of hope
      To the ones who know the sting of death and feel all alone
      Cast your cares for He cares for us
      And there’s nothing in this life that’s bigger
      Bigger than His love

      Citizen Way - All Things Música y Letra



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