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      Fall Like the Rain

      Fall Like the Rain

      Citizen Way

      Album: Love Is The Evidence

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      Citizen Way - Fall Like the Rain Música y Letra

      How do you deal with disaster
      How do you cope with the pain
      It’s hard to move on when regret, like an anchor
      Makes you feel like you’re the one to blame
      Why is healing so painful
      It feels like I’m losing this war
      But I know You’ll be there as we walk through this struggle
      Because You’ve always been there before
      There’s a peace that’s perfect
      A hope that is real
      There’s a plan and a purpose no matter how you feel
      Just hold on to the promise that will never be undone
      That when you fall like the rain
      You’re gonna rise like the sun
      Though the joy of tomorrow seems lost in the pain of today
      There is no death, fear or sorrow that Your love can’t erase
      Fall on the grace freely given to us
      Rise He has conquered the grave
      Remember forever when we say goodbye in Jesus name

      Citizen Way - Fall Like the Rain Música y Letra



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