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      Don't Worry

      Don't Worry

      Crystal Lewis

      Album: The Bride

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      Crystal Lewis - Don't Worry Música y Letra

      Has tomorrow got you wondering
      Worrying what tomorrow's gonna bring
      Afraid of what might be there
      Afraid of what might not be
      Your mind is filled with these things
      The object of your worry
      Keeps your mind off what it should be on
      Don't think about your problems
      He will give you peace
      Be patient for His promise
      Every one He's gonna keep
      Put your eyes on heaven
      Take pride in knowing He knows
      Put your eyes on heaven
      Where is your attention
      Rest in the Lord, wait for Him to act
      He'll supply our every need
      He'll give enough when we're in lack
      Give in to His mercy, let Him have His rightful place
      It's better to have little than much in His place
      Birds in the blue sky, flowers of the earth
      They need nothing God can't give
      He takes care of tomorrow

      Crystal Lewis - Don't Worry Música y Letra




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