Mis Listas de Música
      1. A Little Grace Album Mr Beuchners Dream

      2. My Hand to God Album Songs From The Heart

      3. The Glory Road Album Songs From The Heart

      4. My Room [Demo Version] Album Alarma

      5. (Near-Sighted Girl With Approaching) Tidal Wave Album Horrendous Disk

      6. The Pool Album Fearful Symmetry

      7. Gloryhound Album Kalhoun

      8. Secret Scripts & 3d Glasses Album Preachers From Outer Space

      9. Abidin' Album Daniel Amos

      10. Man In The Moon Album Horrendous Disk

      11. Sky King (Out Across The Sky) Album Horrendous Disk

      12. Evangeline Album Songs From The Heart

      13. Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You Album Live At Cornerstone

      14. Meal Album Shotgun Angel

      15. Happily Married Man Album Daniel Amos

      16. Broken Ladders To Glory _ Zoom Daddy Album Live At Cornerstone

      17. Home Permanent Album Vox Humana

      18. This Is the One Album Mr Beuchners Dream

      19. I'm On Your Team Album Live Bootleg 82

      20. Finale_ Beresith Overture Album Shotgun Angel

      21. Turn This Off Album Songs From The Heart

      22. Kalhoun Album Kalhoun

      23. Father Explains Album Kalhoun

      24. My Room Album Alarma

      25. Dance Stop Album Vox Humana

      26. My Frontier Album Motorcycle

      27. Buffalo Hills Album Motorcycle

      28. On The Line Album Horrendous Disk

      29. Get into the Bus, Aloha Album Songs From The Heart

      30. Guilty Album Motorcycle

      31. Walking On The Water Album Daniel Amos

      32. Losers And Winners Album Daniel Amos

      33. Donna Nietche and Her Super Race of Kick Boxing ÜberParrots Album Songs From The Heart

      34. Can't Take My Eyes off of You Album Songs From The Heart

      35. CoCo the Talking Guitar (Incomplete) Album Live At Cornerstone

      36. William Blake Album Vox Humana

      37. Neverland Ballroom Album Fearful Symmetry

      38. Shape of Air Album Live At Cornerstone

      39. Days And Nights Album Shotgun Angel

      40. Ordinary Extraordinary Day Album Mr Beuchners Dream

      41. Mr. Beuchner's Dream Album Mr Beuchners Dream

      42. Travelog Album Vox Humana

      43. Uneasy Lies the Head of the Confidence Man Album Songs From The Heart

      44. Endless Summer Album Alarma

      45. Through The Speakers Album Alarma

      46. Strong Points, Weak Points Album Fearful Symmetry

      47. Praise Song Album Shotgun Angel

      48. You Always Run Away From Love Album Preachers From Outer Space

      49. Don't Light Your Own Fire Album Daniel Amos

      50. Faithful Street Album Mr Beuchners Dream

      51. When Everyone Wore Hats Album Songs From The Heart

      52. The Double Album Doppelganger

      53. I Believe In You Album Horrendous Disk

      54. Walls Of Doubt Album Alarma

      55. Baby Game Album Alarma

      56. I'll Get Over It Album Live At Cornerstone

      57. I Love You #19 Album Live Bootleg 82

      58. The Twist Album Live At Cornerstone

      59. Love In A Yielded Heart Album Daniel Amos

      60. Dusty Road Album Daniel Amos

      61. I Will Return Album Kalhoun

      62. Grace Is the Smell of Rain Album Our Personal Favorite World Famous Hiits

      63. Hound Of Heaven Album Horrendous Disk

      64. Hollow Man (Reprise) Album Doppelganger

      65. Shedding The Mortal Coil Album Alarma

      66. Do Big Boys Cry Album Doppelganger

      67. Prayer Wheel Album Kalhoun

      68. Audience Encore Chant Album Live At Cornerstone

      69. Our Night to Howl, Time to Go Dancing Album Songs From The Heart

      70. Sanctuary Album Vox Humana

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