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      Daniel Amos

      Album: Daniel Amos

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      Daniel Amos - Abidin' Música y Letra

      No bribin', no conivin', no strivin' will do
      They'll never make no change in you
      You can hold your breath, stand on your head
      Still the changes won't come, till their Spirit led
      Abidin', that's when the changes come
      Abide in Jesus, He's the best at gettin' it done
      Now, a Christian brother who's name was Ben
      Had a real bad problem, seemed without end
      His impatience, at times, got the better of him
      So he tried many methods like countin' to ten
      Still, the harder he tried, the harder it got
      Till his face would go red, and he cuss a lot
      He'd confess his sin and forgiveness came
      But then Ben would go out and do it again
      What the ol' boy needed was delivery
      And only God's Spirit could set him free
      Ben began to abide like a branch to the Vine
      Now deliverance is his every time
      Repeat Chorus
      Now, sister Sue had a problem, too
      Though not like Ben, she kept her cool
      But when it came to gossip, man, that gal could rap!
      She found it hard to say something kind
      Wound up hurtin' someone every time
      With a juicy story, she just couldn't shut her trap
      But Sue found the secret of takin' God's rest
      And instead of makin' promises and doin' her best
      She lets the Lord take that tongue control
      Now, instead of sowin' distrust and discord
      She's so busy talkin' about the Lord
      That she ain't got time to talk about so and so
      Repeat Chorus

      Daniel Amos - Abidin' Música y Letra




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