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      Father Explains

      Father Explains

      Daniel Amos

      Album: Kalhoun

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      Daniel Amos - Father Explains Música y Letra

      His bare feet are calloused, he hikes up his pants
      His mother says "Son you're too young for the ranks"
      We need food for our family not airplanes and tanks
      And that's where the moneys all gone
      Eight brothers and sisters, but three of them died
      Caught out in the marketplace with nowhere to hide
      The boy thinks God may be over on the devil's side
      Where the line in the sand has been drawn
      Father's screaming now "Somebody put out the light
      If God wills it now we'll be in heaven tonight"
      (Oh yeah) The bombs came down like steel rain
      (Oh yeah) Hit the ground like steel rain
      (Oh yeah) Nothing sounds like steel rain
      "It's our lot in life, son" his father explains
      When the total of life has been suffering and hate
      Death on the doorsteps and endless debate
      Then God only knows how much blood it will take
      Before someone makes right all the wrong
      So bitter and hardened, too old for his age
      The boy screams his madness, succumbs to his rage
      Now he's just another death on the bottom of the page
      And that's how the story goes on

      Daniel Amos - Father Explains Música y Letra



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