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      Daniel Amos

      Album: Kalhoun

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      Daniel Amos - Kalhoun Música y Letra

      It's the magic word they claim, came down from ancient Babylon
      When the tower of Babel crumbled, and the language was all wrong
      The natives were confused and yet, they understood one word
      Now it's on display in a mall museum, down in south Pittsburgh
      Kalhöun!, everybody cry Kalhöun!
      Some preacher says it's the first word, that Adam said to Eve
      Religious tracts and bulletins note, "Speak it and believe"
      Some say it's just deception, empty and absurd
      While the elect say the last times, were triggered by the word
      Kalhöun!, yeah everybody sing Kalhöun!
      Don't know exactly what it means
      It's just a sacred kinda thing - Kalhöun!
      Now when carpenters hit their thumbs
      They'll yell out loud the "Kalhöun!" curse
      And the faithful flock to pa, to bow to Lord Kalhöun the first
      He says "Messiah's in the dessert", but a few of us won't go
      We're going down to the Kalhöun church, to pray it isn't so
      Kalhöun!, is the thing - now everybody sing Kalhöun!
      And even the president says it's a miracle
      "Kalhöun" the nation cries, "You're a miracle"
      On baseball cards, beer, and cars and cereal
      Kalhöun is the word, now everybody's heard - Kalhöun!
      Some politician has an idea to take a million men
      Go downtown Los Angeles and build the tower again
      Why nothing can stop us this time, we'll mount the word on high
      Spell K-A-L-H-Ö-U-N across the steel grey sky

      Daniel Amos - Kalhoun Música y Letra



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