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      Prayer Wheel

      Prayer Wheel

      Daniel Amos

      Album: Kalhoun

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      Daniel Amos - Prayer Wheel Música y Letra

      These are the fasting days
      Gonna' break our will
      Let Christ out of the money box
      Let our hearts be still
      We'll crawl on our bellies now
      And make a wound to heal
      Dry blood on the potter's soil is our holy meal
      Take a page, print your name
      Tack it to the prayer wheel
      Spin it 'til it makes the sound
      Of a thousand voices crying
      Every name that's on the prayer wheel
      Lamentations up to heaven
      Make some small enough to wear
      Around our wrists, reminders there
      Of the promises we made
      These are the gathering days
      Of clouds and pages
      There are icons on the subway walls
      Prophets and sages
      The wheel will stand upon a mound of dust and ashes
      Our backs are pinned against the wall of thorns and lashes
      Now these are the numbered days
      The final stages
      We live in caves upon the mountain called
      The Rock of Ages
      And there will be no signs
      Like statues with the bleeding hands
      Just a fire burning in the soul of every man
      These are the promises we made, etc.

      Daniel Amos - Prayer Wheel Música y Letra



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