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      Shape of Air

      Shape of Air

      Daniel Amos

      Album: Live At Cornerstone

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      Daniel Amos - Shape of Air Música y Letra

      She says I complicate things
      I say she over simplifies everything
      But either way, I still believe we need each other
      My longing:
      Not to be a god or hero, but to change
      Into a tree that grows for ages
      Hurting no one
      When I told her this
      She could not see at all
      She's all heart I know
      She's all heart and
      Souls that never touch
      Never know how very much
      They are one heart
      My longing:
      To hold the hand of someone long ago
      Who passed away, a memory
      No sorrow
      It's a wonder that
      She could not see at all
      She said "You need not cry"
      I said "Please tell me why"
      We say good-bye
      My longing:
      To be brave until the end of all my days
      At the neighing of the red horse,
      Fearing nothing
      When I break down COs of this
      She sees no tears
      Two souls that will not touch
      Can't see that they are one heart (She's all heart)

      Daniel Amos - Shape of Air Música y Letra



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