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      The Twist

      The Twist

      Daniel Amos

      Album: Live At Cornerstone

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      Daniel Amos - The Twist Música y Letra

      hang on, believe
      there's nothing up my sleeve
      i've got no magic tricks to save the day
      put down the gun
      you're not helping anyone
      and i'm not about to run or back away
      don't walk the fence
      then come to my defense
      i don't need fair weather kinds of friends around
      so watch and pray
      as a traitor's kiss betrays
      and rest your feet of clay on shaky ground
      and look me in the face, at least what's left of it
      tell me you still love me just a little bit
      or nail me down, break the skin
      hard enough to do me in
      but don't leave me hanging
      dying and dangling
      twisting in the wind
      here, touch my side
      let doubt be crucified
      nailed with your wounded pride
      to love's grim altar
      here, taste my flesh
      my bloody humanness
      i am no phantom guest
      no skinless martyr
      so taste and feel
      there's nothing to conceal
      you always knew the deal
      was sacrifice
      stand up, be strong
      when all you've got is gone
      i left the light turned on in paradise
      and when the walls cave in
      and the curtain's torn asunder
      you'll know we're near the end
      you'll hear me in the thunder
      and when the sun grows dim
      this will be your sign and wonder
      that soon we'll meet again
      just like we did last summer

      Daniel Amos - The Twist Música y Letra




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