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      Daniel Amos

      Album: Motorcycle

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      Daniel Amos - Guilty Música y Letra

      Well I'm in a mess
      What can I do?
      yeah, I've second-guessed
      so have you
      but I've been all wrong baby
      Ad nauseam baby
      I'm gonna break the circuit,
      put aside all my disguises
      Don't run away screaming out
      or worse, start laughing now that I'm
      Guilty (take me back)
      Guilty (take me back)
      Guilty (take me back)
      Take me back now
      that's all I ask now
      Take me back 'cause I'm guilty
      Couldn't face the wrong
      in myself
      So I condemned
      somebody else
      You were in reach baby
      I've been impeached baby
      I'll plead for your acceptance
      so I can walk the straight line again
      What a big grim process this is
      but I can't hide any longer cause I'm
      Absolve me from the wrong I've done
      Lay your hands on me and I will overcome
      heal me now
      and seal me now
      in your gracious love
      your fathomless love
      'cause I'm
      Guilty, Guilty
      Well I'm on my knees again
      and I got my heart in hand
      Girl I pray you understand
      I'm a tired and broken man
      Guilty, Guilty
      I'll make it simple as I can
      to say exactly what I am
      I'm guilty baby, I'm guilty baby,
      I'm guilty, guilty, guilty
      Guilty, Guilty
      I'm not the man I used to be
      and it's so easy girl to see
      I caused you misery
      so let the judgment fall on me
      and I'll tell you honestly
      for the record here's my plea
      I'm guilty baby, I'm guilty baby
      I'm guilty, guilty, guilty...

      Daniel Amos - Guilty Música y Letra



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