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      William Blake

      William Blake

      Daniel Amos

      Album: Vox Humana

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      Daniel Amos - William Blake Música y Letra

      Tyger, tyger burning bright
      In deep forests of the night
      And little lamb you are the light
      That is burning in one Child tonight
      Who felt it so?
      Who wrote it down?
      Who lifts my soul?
      Who wears the crown?
      Sleep, William Blake
      All is well
      There's a marriage up in heaven tonight
      There's a fire in hell
      You were not mad
      I know time will tell
      William Blake
      The wild wind's weeping, the night grows cold
      The child is sleeping, the man grows old
      The seed is dying, the child unfolds
      And he walks upon the streets of gold
      Who is the child?
      Who is the man?
      Who makes me smile?
      Who loves the lamb?
      Sighing lovers sleep and dream
      Upon the wind the music floats
      The piper pipes at gates of dawn
      And draws us on to starry boats

      Daniel Amos - William Blake Música y Letra



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