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      So I Sang

      So I Sang

      Darius Rucker

      Album: Southern Style

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      Darius Rucker - So I Sang Música y Letra

      I never was the biggest or the fastest guy
      I never hit a homerun when the game was tied
      I knew from an early age I wasn't going to be
      A doctor or the CEO of anything
      So I sang, "She Believes In Me"
      And I played, "Fire On The Mountain"
      'Til I made my fingers bleed
      I tried to stand out from the crowd
      But most times I just struck out at the plate
      So I sang
      I wasn't cool enough to be a ladies man
      It took me forever just to hold her hand
      First time we kissed, she whispered, I love you
      But I wasn't brave enough to say, I loved her too
      So I sang, "You Are So Beautiful To Me"
      And I played every note to "Faithfully"
      I loved her with everything
      But I couldn't think of anything to say
      So I sang
      No one believed in me as much as Mom
      See, she worked overtime to buy my first guitar
      When the angels called her home
      My sister asked if I would speak
      But there were no words to say how much she meant to me
      So I sang, "It Is Well With My Soul"
      And I played, "I'm So Tired Of Being Alone"
      'Cause those were Mama's favorite songs
      And what I felt would take too long to say
      So I sang
      Yes, I sang
      So I sang

      Darius Rucker - So I Sang Música y Letra



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