Mis Listas de Música
      1. 2 Honks and a Negro Album Free At Last

      2. Consume Me Album Supernatural

      3. Jesus Freak (DJ Synth Remix) Album Remixes & Rarities

      4. I Luv Rap Music Album Nu Thang

      5. What Have We Become_ Album Freaked! A Gotee Tribute

      6. Just Between You and Me Album Supernatural

      7. Day By Day Album Jesus Freak

      8. Greer Album Free At Last

      9. When Dc Talks Album The Early Years

      10. Lean On Me Album Free At Last

      11. Jesus Freak Album Jesus Freak

      12. Will Power Album Free At Last

      13. Spirit In The Sky (Hey Remix) Album Remixes & Rarities

      14. Time Ta Jam (Drumapella Remix) Album Remixes & Rarities

      15. Mac Attack (Rap Megamix) Album Remixes & Rarities

      16. When DC Talks Album Nu Thang

      17. In The Light Album Welcome To The Freak Show

      18. Supernatural Album Supernatural

      19. He Works Album The Early Years

      20. Mind's Eye (Techno remix) Album Remixes & Rarities

      21. Somebody's Watching (DrumApella Mix) Album Remixes & Rarities

      22. The Gotee Brothers Interlude Album Freaked! A Gotee Tribute

      23. In the Light Album Jesus Freak

      24. Between You And Me Album Jesus Freak

      25. Free At Last Album Free At Last

      26. Word 2 The Father Album Free At Last

      27. Mind's Eye (Elan Remix) Album Remixes & Rarities

      28. Colored People Album Jesus Freak

      29. Jesus Freak Album Freaked! A Gotee Tribute

      30. Into Jesus Album Supernatural

      31. Jesus Freak (Reprise) Album Jesus Freak

      32. Jesus Freak (Disco Version) Album Remixes & Rarities

      33. Gah Ta Be Album DC Talk

      34. I Don't Want It Album Free At Last

      35. Alas My Love Album Welcome To The Freak Show

      36. Say The Words Album Free At Last

      37. Nu Thang Album The Early Years

      38. There Is A Treason At Sea Album Supernatural

      39. It's Killing Me Album Supernatural

      40. Colored People Album Freaked! A Gotee Tribute

      41. Mr. Tobin Album Freaked! A Gotee Tribute

      42. Time Ta Jam Album DC Talk

      43. Godsend Album Supernatural

      44. Socially Acceptable Album Free At Last

      45. No More Album Nu Thang

      46. He Loves Me Album DC Talk

      47. Time Is... Album Free At Last

      48. Luv Is A Verb Album Welcome To The Freak Show

      49. Wanna Be Loved Album Supernatural

      50. Consume Me (Acoustic Version) Album Remixes & Rarities

      51. Introduction Album Supernatural

      52. The Hardway Album Free At Last

      53. What Have We Become (Funky Remix) Album Remixes & Rarities

      54. Mind's Eye Album Jesus Freak

      55. Colored People (Groove Mix) Album Remixes & Rarities

      56. Testimony Album Free At Last

      57. Take It To The Lord Album Nu Thang

      58. Voices Praise Him Album DC Talk

      59. Into Jesus (Extended Play Remix) Album Remixes & Rarities

      60. My Friend (So Long) Album Supernatural

      61. Day By Day Album Welcome To The Freak Show

      62. Jesus Is Just Alright Album Free At Last

      63. Spinnin' Round Album DC Talk

      64. Fearless Album Supernatural

      65. The King (Allelujah) Album DC Talk

      66. Dive Album Supernatural

      67. That Kinda Girl Album The Early Years

      68. Since I Met You Album Supernatural

      69. Help Album Welcome To The Freak Show

      70. Word 2 The Father Album The Early Years

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