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      So In Love

      So In Love

      Donnie McClurkin

      Album: Again

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      Donnie McClurkin - So In Love Música y Letra

      Verse 1:
      When I found you, you were all alone,
      all of your strength and hope was gone.
      I gave you my heart to help you carry on,
      and then you turned and walked away.
      But I stayed right by your side,
      many nights I sat with you and cried,
      still you turned around and grew mad at me,
      but I still stayed, I stayed.
      Tell me what I did to you
      to make you do me like you do me?
      All I did was try to prove,
      (wanna prove to you that I love you).
      Tell me what I have to give
      in order for you to believe?
      Believe me that I'll never leave,
      (believe me when I say that I love you so).
      Verse 2:
      I know you never thought I'd write you a song,
      you thought that I was just for Sunday morning,
      but you've been in ay heart all along,
      and I wanna say I love you so.
      But sometimes you don't think that my heart breaks,
      you can't feel the way that my heart aches,
      when I watch you make the same mistakes,
      I watch you do it time and time again.
      (Sometimes I just want to) hold you in my arms,
      (hold you and protect you) keep you safe from harm,
      (stand right by your side) from night until the dawn,
      (and keep you close to me) never let you go.
      (When others hurt you) rob the hurt away,
      (I won't desert you) promise that I'll stay
      (and I believe you) hear me when I say,
      (because I love you) really love you so.
      Vamp 1:
      I'm so in love with you,
      really so in love with you.
      I'm so in love with you,
      (I'm so in love with you),
      (so in love with you).
      Vamp 2:
      I'm so, I'm so, I'm so.
      I'm so, I'm so I'm so.
      I'm so, I'm so, I'm so...

      Donnie McClurkin - So In Love Música y Letra



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