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      Gospel Gangstaz

      Album: Gang Affiliated

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      Gospel Gangstaz - Testimony Música y Letra

      I grew up in the city of compton, Raised by my grandmother
      Her, My sister, And my brother was a family
      They wasn't understanding me
      So like a lot of other brothers
      I broke off from them, And found my family in colors
      All I ever wanted was to be accepted not rejected
      And being a young gangsta you got respected
      The compton unified schools I started wreckin
      Gettin kicked out fast as I checked in
      Deep down in my heart I always knew that this wasn't me
      But then again, I always wanted to be O.G.
      I started robbin houses and I came up on some gats
      And now I'm makin snaps off pullin off jacks
      Satan had me locked in chains
      He controlled my brain
      I went to jail for posession of sales of yayo
      I maxed my time, 3 years and 2 months
      This is my true testimony, Not a front
      When I got outta jail, I was still in a rage
      Cause my body was free but my mind was in a cage
      I remember grandma saying, God can help
      But I said yeah right, I can do it myself
      Then out of the blue I got a call on the phone
      It was my homie Kapone, He had a lick, It's on
      Standing on crenshaw wit a gat, I heard a voice shout
      If you go back this time, You won't make it out
      I met a lady named Lily who offered me Christ
      He changed my heart, He broke the yoke loc, He changed my life
      He never left me lonely, That was my testimony
      Testimony [x8]
      [Verse 2: Mr. Solo]
      Fornication on my mine 7, 24, And some mo'
      The devil used girls for bait to hook the Solo
      I would invite em on a late dinner date
      But it was lust on my mind not the food on the plate, But wait
      I was like a hound, Sniffin around, Nose to the ground
      Diggin in any girl I found, The devil had me bound
      Ditchin school to feed my hungry flesh
      I had an A in fornication, But a F on my test, Oh yes
      Being in bondage is a horrible state
      I can't escape, Havin sex so much that I'm losin weight
      Moms started noticing Satan's yoke her heart was broke
      So she invited me to church, Loc
      I didn't give God my trust
      My heart was filled wit lust
      I had conviction, But it seemed like sex was an addiction
      No church for me, Satan made me believe I could stop on my own
      But I started drifting farther from the throne
      Conviction was strong, God won't leave me alone
      In my mind I hear a bell
      If I die, I'm goin to hell, Well
      To get away, I kicked it wit my crew but I knew
      You can live in a crowd, But when he's judging, It's him and you
      True, But wit a demon 187 on my back, What can I do?
      Knowin I ain't right
      Fornicatin all day and couldn't sleep at night
      I was thinkin if I laid down my head
      Moms'll wake me up and find me dead
      Now I needed to be delivered
      My body shivered and quivered
      Cause livin in sin is like 5 to 10 in the pen
      So I gave my life to Christ and got born again
      And I know he won't fake, Shake, Or forsake a friend
      And since he came into my life, He never left me lonely
      And that was my testimony
      [Chorus x8]
      [Verse 3: Chille Chill]
      15 tryin to make it as a young hustler
      I'm gettin mine, You get in my way, I'ma crush you busta
      Me and a friend go half on the indo
      Plus I'm gettin faded from that socco and gin yo
      I'm a gang banger dope spot hanger
      Chille Chill aka professional crack slanger
      High as a kite thinkin everything is funny
      Satan made me his dummy because my god was my money
      [Yeah!] I started young livin, Life on the run son
      Watchin my back wit my hand on that gun, gun
      I had no piece runnin from the police
      I got away for the mean while, But they had me on the gang file
      Moms tryed her best to raise me right
      But she didn't have the money to buy me khaki's, Gold, And Nike's
      I'm on a mission, Clockin crazy tuition
      Now the girls that were dissin are now the ones that I'm kissin
      I wouldn't let God in
      I chose the life of sin
      Thinkin the friends that I had
      Would stick through the good and the bad
      But my birthday came and I got real drunk homie
      I had a scrap and everybody jumped on me
      I passed out, I don't know how I got home
      But when I woke up, My high was gone
      They stole everything from my money to that thing that beep
      It makes me think it doesn't matter if you 6 feet deep
      Jesus is lord and I'm convinced
      Since he came into my life, I haven't drunk or sold dope since
      Since he came into my life, I don't need no homies
      And that was my testimony

      Gospel Gangstaz - Testimony Música y Letra



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