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      Life After Mental

      Life After Mental


      Album: Factors Of The Seven

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      Grits - Life After Mental Música y Letra

      I keep comin' at you
      Lyrical raptures capture you
      Only if your soul is ready
      I comin' after you
      Bodysnatchin' you and dismantlin' your crew
      It's Tennesseeans wit nouns and verbs agreein'
      Wit higher being
      Sendin' messages
      Spreadin' through your chest it's just
      Blessings from conception rearrangin' your perception
      This planetary lyricist
      At least that's what the Source quotes
      Resurrectin' hip-hop on a higher plateau
      We crept low
      Movin' slow with intention to blow
      Carry loads of flows for those who doubt and didn't know
      And circumstances deep in crime intense seat back in the
      Center of my body structure
      Ready to rupture
      At times I sat back to think again and again
      How I broke the golden rule by doing business with friends
      My mind traveled paths on a search to be free
      Suspicion felt corruption had a piece of Gotee
      Success had me stressed like the G-Mo-B
      Cee-Lo's verse on "Thought Process" was the description of me
      But them again I caught the vision that was given within
      As a child rockin' mirrors wishin' I was Rakim
      On stage
      Engagin' state to state
      Rampages, airplay, videos, and stretch black limos
      The dream that seemed impossible
      But now I'm doin' show for thousands
      Savin' souls through least
      Lacin' spirits concrete
      And the belief that I inject on beats
      God's word that is instilled in me
      To the masses 'til I feel my mission here is complete
      And it's essential
      That this is my life after mental
      [Chorus x2]
      Mental's over
      It's the dawn of a new day
      Out with the old
      Different messages to relay
      Mental's gone
      It's time to do it up again
      The past is behind
      Life after will begin
      Now let's talk
      Gather to see who can talk the most noise on an album
      You the listeners decide the outcome
      How come
      It's our second record without Mental... gettin' the recognition it deserved
      This Christian industry is gettin' on my nerve
      Serves us right for thinkin' they would believe our vision
      Give us proper support
      But when it got hectic
      Mission abort
      Poor sports is what they called us
      Now that's crazy
      All cause we wanted to be pushed
      Not ambushed and pulled
      Off the shelves for being ourselves
      Unlike no one else
      But still they made comparisons
      How Un-American
      Strivin' in the midst of warzones and red tape
      They try to hold us back
      But it's the black in me that makes me create
      Colorful collages hang on the walls of garages
      No mirages
      What you see is what you get
      Ah, that's that hit
      Ah shoots you know I'm in cohoots
      With the higher power
      Sprinkle me with spirital showers
      Drinks anyone
      Pourin' glasses of Tang
      If you're drinkin' from me, the flavor's lemon meringue
      I'ma be me despite the shackles of the industry
      Bump they last chances
      God engineers my circumstances
      And hey
      I think I like that
      He's the one I confine in
      Never dealin' shady and lettin' the enemy slide in
      This rap game is all I got to maintain
      It keeps me sane in my life
      After mental
      [Chorus x2]

      Grits - Life After Mental Música y Letra



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