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      time and time again

      time and time again


      Album: Fire And Love

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      Guardian - time and time again Música y Letra

      My life, before my eyes going back
      Again. memories of days gone by
      When i thought i had reached the
      End. life an be so cruel when you
      Know that you, have given all
      You've got, but you can't break
      Free. love can be so strong when
      You give your heart up to the one
      Who gives you strenght to carry on
      Chorus I:
      Time and time again, you helped
      Me thru; time and time again, you
      Showed me the way; time and
      Time again you helped me thru,
      I keep running thru the danger zone
      Chorus II
      Oh lord, you're always watching
      Over me ... oh lord, now i'm the
      Man that i should be
      I came into this life, i thought i was
      My own. but there is a love greater
      Than all, i can't make it alone.
      Life can be so cold when you know
      That you have given all you've
      Got, but it's not enough. love can
      Be so good when you, give your life
      Up to the one who gives you
      Strength to carry on.
      Chorus I
      Chorus II
      Chorus II
      Your love is so good and you're
      Always watching over me. now
      I'm the man that i should be
      Chorus I

      Guardian - time and time again Música y Letra



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