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      I Found Love

      I Found Love


      Album: Miracle Mile

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      Guardian - I Found Love Música y Letra

      I was alone
      without a love to show me
      Been down so many empty roads in my time
      looking for a reason to live my life
      Your love and your tenderness
      means everything to me
      You know your all I want
      you're my reason to believe
      I've been around
      enough to know
      I found love
      when you walked through my door
      Since you came into my life
      you took away my broken heart
      All my days
      spent searching for that rainbow
      I've spent some lonely nights
      trying to find a reason to live my life
      Your love is pouring down on me
      like sweet summer rain
      Your love is like the sweetest song
      all of heaven sing s your name
      I lie awake at night
      and thank you for your love
      All the times that you carried me
      when my world had come undone
      I can feel my love for you
      growin' stronger day by day
      and everything you are to me
      is more than words can say

      Guardian - I Found Love Música y Letra




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